Retrospective wisdom

devils woman
  1. If everyone around you is having negative feelings and vibes about the guy / girl, it is most probably because they are right.
  2. There is no rush, no matter what he / she, the current radio song, your heart, or his / her family, say.
  3. You can never be too sure.
  4. If it feels like it is too good to be true, it DEFINETLY is.
  5. Wisdom always comes with experience, kiss many frogs, but don’t marry them.
  6. If you do marry a frog, make sure you have a social support network with a working escape plan.
  7. Never discuss your escape plan with the frog, it may be sabotaged or worse, used against you.
  8. You do not deserve to be treated like shit. No matter what anyone says.
  9. You deserve better. Believe it.
  10. If it feels wrong, it is. Don’t ignore your first impressions and gut instincts.
  11. Trust yourself, be strong in your belief’s.
  12. Always remember who you were before you met him/ her, and protect and nurture that independent spirit.
  13.  Talk to people. Silence and isolation are the start of self doubt, manipulation, and loss of confidence.
  14. It is your life, not theirs, or the families. Only you can decide what is best.
  15. Forgive yourself. We all make mistakes, it is human.
  16. Always remember no matter what, your life will get better, regardless of your relationship status.

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